Simpler Scalable Simulation Framework

Parallel Communication Network Simulation

Virtual-Machine-Based Virtual-Time-Embedded Emulation

OpenFlow-based Software-Defined Networks (SDN) Support

Latest S3F Release (version 2.1.0)

Base version (S3F core API and S3FNet simulator) Download

Full version (OpenVZ-based Emulation, OpenFlow-based Software-Defined Network) Download


You will be able to check out the code directly from our svn repository soon (with username "guest" and password "guest").

base version: svn co https://forge.engr.illinois.edu/svn/s3f/base

full version: svn co https://forge.engr.illinois.edu/svn/s3f/full



Please contact Dong (Kevin) Jin at dong.jin@iit.edu for further questions regarding S3F/S3FNet